Gold Leaf Style Helmet Tetrahedrons
  • Gold Leaf Style Helmet Tetrahedrons

Gold Leaf Style Helmet Tetrahedrons


($2.99 each)

Our Gold Leaf Helmet Tetrahedron decals are contour cut from engineer grade reflective vinyl.  These custom Helmet Tets tie in nicely with our other products that have the same background, adding a look of cohesion to your gear, your vehicle, or your entire department. Also, all of our Tets are fully customizable, so please don't hesitate to Contact Us for your custom Helmet Tet needs today!


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High quality reflective vinyl Helmet Tetrahedron Decals. All of our Helmet Tets have custom backgrounds that match the rest of our products, but we also have a great selection of unique, one of a kind Helmet Tets in a variety of styles and designs. If for any reason you don't see what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to Contact Us with your custom needs today.  We have designed and printed many custom Helmet Tets, and we would be honored to serve you today!

All of our decals are 100% Reflective meaning EVERY last color is reflective using our process. All reflective material used is engineer grade quality and meets all legal standards and specifications. Stand out from the crowd with our custom reflective decal designs!


Data sheet

Decal Size
2" x 2.75" nominal (height x width)
High Quality Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl