Question: How long does it take to process my order?

Anwser: Most orders take 1-2 business days to process, which includes the time for the decals to be printed, for them to dry, and for them to be packaged and processed. Shipping is via USPS, and you can choose our free "Economy Shipping" method (USPS Parcel Post), or our "Expedited Shipping" method (USPS First Class Mail) for a small nominal fee.

While transit times can vary greatly, our experience has been the Economy Shipping method can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days to arrive after being mailed, and Expedited Shipping takes 2 to 7 business days to arrive after being mailed.

Question: Can you take my departments patch and recreate it into a decal?

Anwser: Yes, we specialize in recreating department or unit patches into high quality, reflective vinyl decals. Please Contact Us with your info/request.

Question: I'm looking to have a custom decal done specifically for my department, agency, organization, etc. Do you offer custom printing?

Answer: Yes, actually we can accomodate any custom job you've got in mind. Please Contact Us to get a FREE quote.

Question: I've got a specific size that I need a decal created at but I don't see it listed as an option. Can you print any size I'm looking for?

Answer: Yes, please Contact Us for a FREE quote on the specific size you'd like.

Question: Are all the colors of the decal reflective?

Answer: Yes, every last color including black will be reflective! The material we use is engineer grade reflective vinyl, and we only use the highest quality solvent inks, which allow the inherent reflective properties of the material to come through the ink.

Question: I'm ordering letters and numbers, and need them in a particular sequence - are you able to do that?

Answer: Absolutely!  Most of the time it's a value added service that we don't even charge for!  Simply Contact Us to coordinate your exact needs, or simply order the items and leave a comment on the order form.  Depending on size and/or complexity, a small artwork setup fee may apply.

Question: Do you supply application/masking tape on all of your decals?

Answer: We do not supply application tape on all of our decals, simply because many of them don't need it. By not supplying application tape for every single decal, we are able to keep our prices as low as possible. Based on the complexity of the contour cut line, some decals will always come with application tape, while some never will.  For example, Star Of Life decals will ship with application tape applied, while State Flag Round decals will not.

Question: There is a charge from "Dukes Designs LLC" on my credit card statement after I placed an order with you.  Can you please explain this?

Answer: Our legal business name is Dukes Designs LLC, and our dba (doing business as) name is Fire Safety Decals.  Therefore when you place an order on our site, it will show our legal name on the statement as required by the processing company.

Question: Can you ship overseas, to an APO or FPO for instance?

Answer: Yes, we can ship to locations outside of the US.  The real challenge is tracking your order, as once it leaves our borders it is no longer traceable by Fire Safety Decals.  While we can accommodate this kind of request, we do handle it on a case by case basis, as alternate payment methods and other logistics have to be considered and coordinated.  Please Contact Us for more information if you are needing an order shipped overseas.